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In 1986 part of our neighborhood was designated the "Brookhaven Historic District" in the National Register of Historic Places.  The Historic Brookhaven Foundation was started in 1991 as a vehicle for funding of the Brookhaven Guidepost Project. (Click here to visit the National Park Service's web page regarding the Brookhaven Historic District.)

Historic Brookhaven is now soliciting contributions for a landscape beautification program for public areas in the neighborhood and for the maintenance of the guideposts.  Donations to Historic Brookhaven are tax deductible as allowed by law. 

The Historic Brookhaven Foundation is a non-profit organization set up in 1991 to allow neighbors to make tax-deductible donations to the Brookhaven Guidepost Project.  It is administered in conjunction with the HBNA’s Beautification Committee.  Eight Guideposts were installed at entrances to our neighborhood.  Historic Brookhaven now asks neighbors to consider making gifts for beautification efforts around Brookhaven. Projects have included plantings around the Guideposts and in public areas like the Davidson Lakehaven Triangle, Club Drive and Davidson triangle, and the ends of Vermont Park.  Efforts also include maintenance of public areas that are not well kept by the city and county, grass cutting, weeding, trimming, etc.

The Historic Brookhaven Foundation arranged the installation of a time capsule during the 1998 Street Party.  It is to be opened in 50 years and includes items representative of our time as chosen by neighborhood children.  The time capsule is in the Lakehaven/Davidson triangle and is marked with a brass marker.  The Beautification Committee has also created a Gardens of Memories throughout Brookhaven designed to encourage a moment of pause and contemplation. Benches and special landscaping have been placed in these Gardens in honor and in memory of neighbors, family, and loved ones. They are:

  • A Memory Garden in honor of Bill and Sudie Hanger, Beverly Pritchard, and Margaret Snowber Martin - Davidson Avenue/Lakehaven Drive

The Memorial Benches and plaques are as follows:

  • In memory of neighbor Joe Carey - Brookhaven Drive/East Brookhaven Drive

  • In memory of Claude Weddington (neighbor Laura Matthews’ father) - Brookhaven Drive/East Brookhaven Drive

  • In honor of Mary Schroeder (neighbor Toni Rhetts’ mother) - Brookhaven Drive/West Brookhaven Drive

  • In memory of neighbor Patricia Sheahan (neighbor Marie Mclkanes’ mother) - Vermont Park

  • In memory of neighbor Mildred Barnes (donated by neighbors John and Ethel Knox) - Vermont Park

  • In celebration of the life of neighbor Liz Bloodworth (donated by neighbors and friends) - Club Drive/Davidson Avenue

  • In memory of The Shaws (neighbor Chris Shaws’ parents) - Club Drive/East Brookhaven Drive

  • In memory of Earl T. Leonard, In honor of Earl T. Leonard Jr. (neighbor Elizabeth Leonards’ father and grandfather) - Lakehaven/East Club Lane.

  • In memory of neighbor Alicia Stonecipher (by family, friends and neighbors) Vermont Park

  • In memory of Roberta Byce.  We remember her with gratitude for her many contributions to Brookhaven as both a neighbor and as of president of HBNA.  Roberta spent many years working with her neighbors, the city, the county and the utility companies to install underground utilities and erect the attractive Street lights on E. Brookhaven Drive along the golf course.  We will always be grateful for the improvements she made to our neighborhood - Brookhaven Drive/East Brookhaven Drive.

Consider making a special donation to honor an individual or family by having a bench or plaque placed in their honor. Thanks to all our neighbors who have contributed to the Historic Brookhaven Foundation.  Tax-deductible contributions should be sent to:

Historic Brookhaven Foundation

4062 Peachtree Road, Suite A427

Brookhaven, GA 30319


Important Dates in Brookhaven's History

circa 1810 -  Evins Plantation established

circa 1900 - Summer cottages built in area

1912 - Brookhaven Country Club golf course opens

1915 - Capital City Club purchases Brookhaven Country Club

1928 - Capital City Club clubhouse constructed

1929 to 1942 - Numerous homes built in Brookhaven

1984 - Historic District petition filed

1986 - Brookhaven named a historic district by the National Parks Service


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4062 Peachtree Road
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Brookhaven, Georgia 30319

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